Google Chrome is one of the best browser available today. There are thousands of extensions, themes available for it to make it user-friendly.

Previously, we taught you that how to take full site screenshot in Firefox, this time, the same thing goes for the Google Chrome. Being the most popular web browser, it should have this functionality to compete with the Firefox. In Google Chrome, you can quickly take full site screenshot by using an extension. Here is the extension in brief.

The Google Chrome Extensions called Screen Capture lets you take the screenshot of the entire site with two clicks. It is an extension for the Google Chrome developed by Google itself. It saves the captured screenshot in the high-quality lossless PNG format. If you want, then it can save captured screenshot in JPEG format, too.

Unlike other extensions, this one has the Keyboard Shortcut option, which allows you to take the screenshot in a faster way by pressing the few buttons on the keyboard simultaneously. When you capture a screenshot, you being asked for the file name and the folder to save it. You can make the save process automatic from the settings page. By default, these keyboard shortcuts are defined, you can change the last letter of the shortcut as per your choice.

  • Capture Page Region – Ctrl+Alt+R
  • Capture Visible Content – Ctrl+Alt+V
  • Capture Whole Page – Ctrl+Alt+H
  • Capture Screen Region – Ctrl+Alt+P

You can use the third option (Capture Whole Page) to take the screenshot of the full site page instead of a part of it. The settings can be changed by clicking on the extension’s icon followed by Options.