I have a Windows and Mac computer and have the Yahoo redirect virus on both of them. How do I remove it? Resolution:

There are certainly worse sites you could be forced to view, so in that way you’re a bit lucky. But still more unlucky than lucky, because there is a browser hijacker on your computer if you are witnessing forced redirects to Yahoo when your default search engine or homepage is set to something else. The Yahoo redirect is one of the more common browser hijackers in existence on the Web. We don’t know exactly who is reposible for it, but we do know how to get rid of it.

Browser Redirects to Yahoo Search

We all know Yahoo Search has been struggling in recent years, and maybe that is the reason why there is a Yahoo redirect virus circulating or maybe it isn’t. Malware like this can be strange. I’ve seen cases where the site that users are being redirected to wasn’t actually involved in the scheme at all. In fact, I’ve even seen peers have virus redirects made for their sites and they swear they know nothing about them. Nevertheless, the basic premise of a redirect is this: The redirects are called browser hijackers, and they purposefully direct traffic to a location of their choice, usually to make money from it in one way or another. Browser Hijackers are considered malware because they have taken over your computer and successfully hijacked your browser’s default settings to allow the redirect to occur. Thankfully, most of the time these browser hijackers are harmless; the only way they wouldn’t be is if they were redirecting your visits to dangerous websites, and thankfully Yahoo isn’t one of them.

Why Do I Keep Getting Redirected to Yahoo Search

If you are wondering: “why is my search engine redirecting to yahoo?” or “why is Safari defaulting to yahoo?” it’s because the browser hijacker installed on your computer is forcing a redirect from your default search engine or homepage to the Yahoo website. That is the sole purpose of the Yahoo redirect: to have you land on the Yahoo webpage. We can safely assume the goal from there is to have you use the Yahoo search engine or at the very least click something found on that Yahoo site. However, as mentioned above, I caution any assumptions that that means Yahoo is necessarily behind the malicious scheme.

How to Get Rid of Yahoo Redirect Virus with AdwCleaner

The Yahoo redirect is malware. More specifically, it is a browser hijacker. You could make a case for browser hijackers being adware or not. Regardless, a good adware removal program will include them in your scans. AdwCleaner is still the pick of the bunch when it comes to AdwCleaner cleaning. However, it’s limited to Windows. Thankfully, Malwarebytes, which is next on the list, is available for more operating systems including Mac, and will still remove adware from your PC.

Download: AdwCleaner (Antiadware Tool)

How to Get Rid of Yahoo Redirect Virus with Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is currently the best anti-malware program available. It’s got everything going for it apart from the fact that it doesn’t offer all its features in the free version. Still, it does allow you to remove the Yahoo direct browser hijackers for free.

Malwarebytes: Malwarebytes for WindowsMaciOS, and Android

How to Get Rid of Yahoo Redirect Virus with SpyBot Search & Destroy

Another tool we recommend is SpyBot Search & Destroy. Chances are the first two tools managed to remove the Yahoo direct for you. But if they didn’t, it’s this tool that I would trust next. Every time I use SpyBot Search & Destroy, I’m amazed at the threats it manages to find. This tool also comes with a unique “Immunization” feature that can protect your computer from future threats. And it offers this immunization from its free version of the tool, which is rare.

Download: Spybot Search and Destroy for Windows

There are also several alternative adware removal tools you can use.

In conclusion, that is how to get rid of the Yahoo redirect virus on Windows and Mac computers.