Upon visiting sexy-egirls.com, our antimalware protection blocked the domain due to a Trojan threat. This means that SexyEGirls is not safe at this time; however, we don’t know if this threat is on purpose by the domain’s owners or an innocent mistake that may be rectified in time.


Is SexyEGirls Safe?

SexyEGirls is a site that specializes in adult content. While it’s not safe to visit right now, we don’t know if the malicious threats are administered on purpose by the site’s owners or if the owners are not very tech-savvy and have inadvertently used advertising that is a scam and a real threat to users.

Due to the antimalware software we use, we are not able to browse the SexyEGirls website. And Google seems to concur with our malware protection because SexyEGirls does not rank in Google (suggesting that Google also views the domain as a threat). If you don’t use antimalware software and you are noticing computer problems, it’s best to avoid this domain until further notice.

There are some positive things about this brand that we noticed. For instance, it does have an active Twitter account with a real history associated with it, which is not typical of what you would find associated with spam. But, as mentioned, we recommend to stay away from this domain until you have a reliable source letting you know that it’s safe to browse because it certainly is not safe today.

Johnny Sins Sexyegirls

We noticed malware when browsing the Johnny Sins Sexyegirls section of the domain. The malware showed us a fake advertisement (pictured) and pretended there was something wrong with our computer and gave us a fake number to call. This fake error message can lead to big losses of money, as those who fall for such tricks will often pay up the requested price to have the problem [that did not exist] solved.

In conclusion, that is what we know about the safety of the SexyEGirls website.

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