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Windows 7

The Windows series of operating systems are developed by Microsoft and are the most popular desktop operating systems in the world. While the versions of Windows have differed over the years to try to provide what was best with the current day technology, each one has come with a graphical user interface and a desktop so users can view files and folders.

Part of what makes these Windows operating systems so popular is the wide variety of each version. For example, with the latest Windows 10 operating system, you can buy a Home version, Pro version, Education version, and Enterprise version. The idea here is to offer something for people’s computers at home and the working professionals while coming in at different costs: naturally, the edition with the most features would be more expensive.

Windows operating systems are very popular to use for businesses and companies because of their “Group Policies” that allow administrators to manage lots of different users, the user’s permissions and the overall computer’s configuration.