Being able to change the Windows logos are normally fairly simple with the use of transformation packs which you can get. However, being able to change the boot screen has been almost impossible until now. In this post you will learn how you can visually see the new Windows 8 boot screen instead of the W7 like you normally would.

1. Download Windows 7 Boot Updater. This is what is going to let us change the Windows boot screen. Download from the direct Windows boot updater link provided for free.

2.  Download Windows 8 boot screen. This is the other half you will need so you can use the Windows 8 boot screen. It is possible to change to other boot screens, however you will need to download a different package.

3. Launch the Windows 7 Boot Updater package you downloaded in step one. Once open you will see a ‘booting’ tab. Inside the booting tab, change the animation option to a static image.

4. After you have done this, it will send you to browse Windows. It is where you browse for the Windows 8 boot screen you downloaded in step 2.

5. Once you have found the file, upload it and then make sure you select “Apply” to these new settings. After you have done that it finishes. You will now have updated the boot screen on Windows 7 successfully.

To check if it worked reboot your Windows 7 PC and check out the fresh new boot screen you just created.