Androids v5.0 most closely guarded secret has gained a lot of attention today with blogs all over the world reporting that the secret is out! While the nickname of Androids Jelly Beans successor has been speculated about for some time now, it has always been fondly thought of as Key Lime Pie. So is the proverbial ‘cat’ now out of the bag? Probably not, but its fun to think about nonetheless.

An original cartoon has been posted on a Google employees Google+ account depicting the evolution of Android over the years starting with Android cupcake and making its way all the way down the line to a droid walking tall and eating a slice of Key Lime Pie. The artist and ‘poster’ of the cartoon,

Mr. Manu Cornet, works for Gmail as a software engineer (his job title adding more fuel to the fire). He has since stated the cartoon was “Just for fun” and not to “read into” it. And we are inclined to believe him, even if Android v5.0 is Key Lime Pie we severely doubt it’s widespread knowledge amongst all Google employees and if it is, not worth risking your job over.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you would be aware that Android names their OS’s after sweet treats in alphabetical succession. The obvious choice, therefore, would be to add Key Lime Pie to the Android mascot family, unless they choose to go with something from the Kiwi variety such as Kiwi Cheesecake or Kiwi Soufflé… but only time will tell.

The big thing here isn’t so much that the comic was created, but what the comic was created about. Here we have a Google employed drawing cartoons featuring an Android robot eating a Key Lime Pie. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the next Android version will definitely be Key Lime Pie, but it does lead us to believe that is what it will be called when it is officially released.

As you know, all of the Android versions are laid out on the lawn in front og the Google offices after they are named, so the Google guys need to be able to make whatever name they choose. That might also be a factor when it comes to name choosing. Ans if it is the case, then Key Lime Pie isn’t going to be very easy to create.

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