Android KitKat started at version 4.4, and since then, it has seen its fair share of updates that all involved smoothing out the newest operating system Android has to offer. MaximusHD ROM Developer and general XDA developers member, LlabTooFeR, has stated publicly that he expects this to be the last update on this particular 4.4.2 builds. That means they are now satisfied with how smooth it is, and every problem they have come across is now gone. The problem people were having that enforced this update was with the WiFi. Many people living in Europe were complaining of an unstable connection when browsing the internet via WiFi. Of course, it is very rare for developers to roll out a firmware update that is just for one thing. They always bring several improvements at once to avoid having to roll out many updates, which then becomes a nuisance to device owners. The official changelog also states that there is support for more routers and other bug fixes in this new update.

If you were experiencing WiFi connectivity problems then navigate your way to Settings > About Phone > System Updates and check if the 4.19.401.11 OTA firmware has arrived at your device. This only started today, so if it is not in there yet don’t worry. It does not mean that HTC has forgotten about you. Instead, these are always rolled out incrementally, and there’s no telling exactly when it will arrive for you. The longest amount of time it takes is roughly two weeks, but they have been known to take longer than that.

The next Android firmware we could be seeing is the Android 4.5 that is coming in July according to our sources. The Google I/O even will be held on the 25th and 26th of June, and it is widely expected that the Mountain View company will unveil the Nexus 8 running the new 4.5 firmware. The next letter that is being used is ‘L.” This has brought about rumors such as lemon meringue pie, although we are highly skeptical of this name because it is very similar to the “key lime pie” that everybody was talking about taking KitKat’s place and it never did. The other name that’s rumored is “lollypop.” This could have some merit to it because a lot of the world does know what a lollypop is. However, it almost seems a touch too simple, and overall, a bit plain and simple.

Europe first starting seeing the Android 4.4.2 update towards the end of January this year. That means it has been less than two months since it first came out and now that we see the final build come out. If the rumors are true, users will be on this release for around four months.