China is the leading mobile phone market in the entire world. They sell more handsets in China than they do in any other country. That does not mean that their handsets are better, however, because the Chinese economy is not as strong as the United States and other places like the United Kingdon and Australia just to name a few. The Chinese is also known for not knowing as much about Smartphones like the Western world. For example, a lot of the time when the mobile is unveiled, the promotion we do not even bother to mention what OS it runs. Over in the US the OS plays an integral role in judging if its good value for money or not, even though it will likely receive updates over time anyway. It  is merely one of the numerous methods of learning the diversity in markets.

Last year the Houston Rockets announced a partnership with ZTE to make a Rockets Smartphone. ZTE has also just announced a new red Bull mobile line today. The Houston Rockets have a long history with drafting and trading for Asian basketball players. A large amount of Chinese continues to follow the Rockets ever since Yao Ming was drafted in 2002, and now that continues on with the emergence of Jeremy Lin.

A lot of the NBA fans who are following the team are young, and that is exactly the same age that ZTE is aiming to win over this new Red Bull phone range. It makes for a good partnership that already has a solid foundation. It will not bring in huge amounts of profit compared to what they are already making, but if ZTE plans on making more inroads into the United States handset business like it is being reported, then this is a great way to start.

The US and other Western countries already know Red Bull as a manufacturer of drinks.