Being a person who regularly blogs on technology most days of the week, it is easy for me to envision the entire world falling in love with wearable tech like I already have. However, after spending time with people who are less geeky, and a lot more like an ‘average Joe”, I can understand how sensitive of a topic this is. In fact, it is hard to image anything new like wearables being successful for several reasons.

The first is that people hate change. They were happy to jump on the Smartphone bandwagon because they needed to talk to their family and friends while having access to the internet at the same time so they could use a browser like Safari and surf the web. A lot of them don’t use the Smartphones for anything other than talk, text, web, browsing and that’s fine. But it is also a worry when thinking about how society progressing to emerge and appreciate merchandise like Android Wear and Google Glass that is every bit of the leading technology we see our favorite companies trying to bring out on the market and make successful today.

Not only do people hate new things, but they are not very good with learning how to use them. Products are simple to use or else people won’t bother to learn how to use them. The last, and arguably the most significant determinant, is that technology and being “geeky” has never been cool. If people don’t feel like they will look cool wearing and/or using a gadget, then it won’t travel with them far from the home. And let’s face it, what good is wearable technology if you are only wearing the gadgets at home?

This advertisement would argue that it can still be very useful. You’ll see a man giving his young children a bath, and like so many other men in their 20′s and 30′s, there just isn’t adequate hours in a workday to sit back and fit in everything that we once would. Instead of watching the sport, we now have to look after the kids, and that puts a significant impact on our daily lives. However, like shown in this advertisement, that problem can be solved by wearing a Smartwatch that you can talk to and ask what the scores are for your favorite college basketball team. Now you can be connected with the life you wish you were still connected with, while still keeping up with your daily chores like keeping the kids cleaned.

Wearable technology is not just a gimmick that does what a Smartphone does. It also makes life a little simpler. It isn’t a product that has just been made for no reason other than to make money because companies such as Google couldn’t think of anything else to create. Wearable technology is here to make your life easier, and if developers can find ways that these products become practical in our day-to-day lives, like a Smartphone was with texting and talking while browsing the internet, then even the cool kids will want to wear them.

Here is the ad: