By now most of us know that Android names each version after an assorted sweet and following the alphabet letters along in order. With the last version a J the Google based company decided to call the next release Jelly Bean. Then there was somewhat of a fork in the round because we were now up to the letter K. After some deliberation the world, announced that the next installment of Android is Key Lime Pie based on the notion, that well, we simply couldn’t think of any other K words.

Google then took a long, long time before they decided it was time to go anywhere near what the world was calling Key Lime Pie. Even when it got to the next North American summer when most were expecting it, they decided to simply do another Jelly Bean update making it 4.3.

Now, over a month on from that 4.3 release, the folks over at Android headquarters have stuck a giant KitKat in the ground. The same ground in which they stick a giant every version of their next ROM, leaving nothing left to the imagination. It just is what it is. We have officially been told that this means the next ROM will indeed be called KitKat.

There is even more news, which will shock some and that is that it will not jump up to 5.0 which was also previously assumed. Instead, the Mountain View company has decided it will continue directly from the latest Jelly Bean and be KitKat 4.4.

What’s the lesson in all of this? Don’t jump the gun and think you know what something is going to be named, because more than likely that will only motivate them to take more time out of our lives to prove you wrong. It’s simply business 101. You can’t know everything or else everything will simply fail.

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