We are now winding down to the end of the Developer preview for Android L and coming to the official release date. With it will come the official name instead of just knowing it is the letter ‘L’ coupled with 5.0. We know that Google always name the Android software after delicious treats; therefore that will be no different here yet again. Popular choices for the name are lollipop or lollypop, lemon meringue pie, Lion chocolate bar, licorice and today’s there’s a new entry in lava Cake. Additionally, we see lady Finger sitting next to the cake. We never thought or heard of anyone using the name Lava Cake before now so it instantly becomes one of the top options since the Mountain View company conjured it up themselves. Lady Fingers do not taste very nice and many people don’t like them so we count those out.

Lemon drop

The comedy skit shows people dressed up as the desserts and waiting to enter the casting room where it says “L casting 5.0” on the door. That means we know that it does come with a name, and the number is 5.0 and not 4.5, akin to many’s thoughts.

Our thoughts are that we are not seeing the real name here at all. If you followed the KitKat naming process closely you should know that they didn’t choose ‘Key Lime Pie’ since it was an American pie the world is not familiar with. That is not great branding since Android-based software and firmware versions are used right around the globe. That means they want to use a name that everybody knows. Calculating that, we can take Lion, Lava cake and lady Finger out of the equation. However, the Lollipop and lemon meringue are legitimate options that the world does understand and eat.

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