The Sony Xperia Z3 is this year’s flagship under the Z-series name. We dislike how Sony consistently updates their handsets with little time in between models. However, we love many features they possess including the mammoth 20.7 megapixels rear-facing camera it has in the back. Cameras consistently come up as one of the main features people look for when shopping aorund and it’s the first thing we think about when hearing the Z3 name.

The Z3 also comes with a Big display, High-resolution display, High-resolution camera, Lots of RAM, Fast mobile data support, NFC . Additionally, our favorite feature is the Water-resistant qualities found within the phone. They help us with the Nutella and Coka-Cola tests that are shown below in the clips in full 4K resolution.

Xperia Z

Juts how likely are we to drop our expensive to-end mobile devices in these type of goodies out of the kitchen fridge and pantry? Not likely according to us. nevertheless, we have people creating these unusual tests to witness the results.

You should recognize the voice from the Xperia YouTube channels. I certainly do, and know that it is the same guy who has reviewed some of the famous Android KitKat software updates from his channel. The name on the Coke bottle says “Brorson” instead of the normal label. You should know that parts of Asia are having the same marketing deployed to them as we are here out west whereby people’s names are ending up on the labels instead of the usual Coke name. We are assuming that Brorson is a name in the native tongue for the country of origin that we do not know by watching the footage.