It has been a big day for Apple after they unloaded heaps of new features put together within the software for mobile and laptop/desktop devices. Many from outside the US will be asking just what Yosemite means as I did when I first watched Tim Cook announce it on stage from WWDC and for that reason it doesn’t tick all the boxes when it comes to good names. One of the main reasons Android changed Key Lime Pie to KitKat was because it was only in America that Key Lime Pie was a common word. The chocolate bar, however, has made its way to many supermarket shelves right around the globe. But Apple has never given what the people wanted, it’s always about them and now they are making a habit of naming their OS X software for Mac after monuments in their home state of California.

Not many people will know this, but Mavericks had a picture of a wave on the cover because it is one of the renown big wave spots off the coast of northern California just South of San Francisco where many of the tech start-ups live in Silicon Valley. Yosemite’s is a national park that is inland from Mavericks, but at a similar height up the Californian state.

Anyhow, this clip posted on YouTube is jam-packed full of information as much as Android fans would like to tell you otherwise. In it will tell you about iOS 8 features from a quick-type predictive keyboard, health kit, third-party widgets, interactive notifications, third-party keyboards and the home kit that is all about keeping active and improving health. There’s also a Siri upgrade, messages and spotlight overhaul, additional extensions and more.

I haven’t had a chance to check out iOS 8 yet personally because I am still jailbroken and, of course, that creates a problem because there is no jailbreak for iOS 8 out yet. Apple has put the clamps down on the jailbreak scene in the past year so if you love having the open operating system I wouldn’t go ahead and update to this new firmware until there’s an announcement, and the situation has the all clear from hackers.

Unfortunately, Apple have decided to drop support for the iPhone 4. I’m sure most owners saw that coming because even with iOS 7 the iPhone was not fully compatible but it could do most things. It is how it will be for future reference also so you can expect the iPhone 4s to begin to struggle next year and in 2016 it may not be supported any more following on from this trend.

As for Yosemite, well, there are lots to learn too. There’s better continuity, a flatter design; Mac now sends calls, and you can receive them from the OS too. There’s also new notifications and widgets just like the mobile software and updates to the email, iCloud Drive and Safari web browser. You can watch it all unfold below:

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