When we think Apple, we think premium quality even if their batteries are made in Taiwan by Dynapack and the rest of the smartphone is assembled in China. It gripes many people who Apple do this, but there’s a valid point against it. Why does a product made in America necessarily mean it will be better? Just because the economy is higher doesn’t mean the people know any better, have better training, or are better workers. And just because a company is maximizing their profits by taking the business to a weaker economy doesn’t mean that the device is going to be any worse off.

Anyhow, that is all relative to the product itself, but what about artwork? Believe it or not Apple are using a photo called “Water Rays” made by photographer/artist Christopher Ross. This image has been for sale for $139 on 30×20 premium canvases. Chris has done work for the National Geographic show called Expedition Great White/ Shark Men.

All of that doesn’t sound too bad, but many found it a bit tacky that the Cupetino company couldn’t even make their own artwork for their graphics. In my opinion, it is a story that is getting blown out of proportion. It’s not like Apple took the photo that was the symbol for Mountain Lion, Mavericks or any other software the fruit company has released over a year, and nobody had a problem then.

It is interesting to take a look at both pictures though because you can only imagine what the person who first discovered this must have thought. Something along the lines of “Apple stole the picture from here!”, Would have been my guess.

The color is different in the version Apple have used, and it looks like they have adjusted it on purpose. However, if you take a close look at the lines and do some detective work you will soon find it that it is a direct match.

I posted a story showing off the first half of WWDC banner work last week, and I was just about to make a story showing the new iOS 8 banner when I came across this story. So killing two birds with one stone you can also check out the banner they decided to use for today’s keynote event. If you want to read up on what was released check here. The full-length YouTube clip is also on the page. View it from any computer or mobile device and not just Apple’s own hardware.