Key Lime Pie has been talked about for a long time now; years in fact. Once people caught on to Android picking letter after letter for the name of their new OS, the guesses started coming in for each one. When it came to the letter K, people all of a sudden started struggling thinking of some names other than Key Lime Pie. It wasn’t long after that suspicion began with Android thinking the same thing, although yet to be announced.

Then came talk of it being released right about now, however, that wasn’t to be. Instead, Google brought out another Jelly Bean version known as the 4.3.

That was all very exciting for about a day or two until reviewers realized it was nothing more than an instrumental update; meaning there wasn’t much in store for us.

That gives us a tally of two things to look forward too. A confirmation of what it actually is, and secondly, being able to use the ROM so many have waited for.

Fast forward roughly 2 weeks until today, and now there is reports of the key Lime Pie 5.0 running on the Nexus 4 and 7. Sweet! But is it real?

According to the developer who goes by the name of dknandiraju,” it indeed is true. This is the guy who has supposedly got it up and running.

What makes it believable?

Every Android version comes with a build number. For example, people on the jelly bean will be seeing a J at the beginning of theirs. This dude had the K.
Originally set to be announced at the Google I/O back in mid May, the latest Android ROM is put on hold. The reason being is that so many manufacturers still hadn’t even updated their devices to the 4.2.2 yet.

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