Windows 11 Build 22000.65 (KB5004745) is now rolling out to Windows Insiders who are signed up to the Dev channel.

Windows 11 build KB5004745 is the second update so far for Windows 11, so some significant changes are being made, as you would expect because Windows developers are still getting lots of feedback on all the new changes implemented since Windows 10.  This build comes with a new search field in the Start menu, new Power Modes for the Windows Settings, and enhances the taskbar.

Windows 11 KB5004745

The highlight of this update is the new search field in the taskbar which helps make navigating the new menus easier. While the search box was never in the Start menu in Windows 10, it is more difficult to think of the Windows 11 Start menu as the Start menu since no longer are you immediately met with the traditional Start menu’s list of all apps as you were with Windows 10. Moreover, the search box is no longer in the taskbar as a box; instead, you have to click on the Search icon first.

It is a lot to get used to and no doubt some feedback has contributed to the Windows developers adding the search field in the Start menu to help reduce the confusion some people were having. That said, once you begin typing in the search field via the Start menu, it simply switches over to the search box that you would find after clicking on the Search icon.

An example of the new search field in the Windows 11 Start menu:

search field via Start menu in Windows 11
The new search field in the Windows 11 Start menu

If you are signed up to the Dev channel, you can expect to find this update rolling out to your computer in the coming days. According to the Windows Update page, the update won’t take more than five minutes to install.

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