VK (vk.com), which is short for VKontakte (in Contact in Russian), is the largest social media network in Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). VK was founded by Pavel Durov and incorporated in January 2007 as an audio and video platform. In July of the same year, vk.com reached a user base of 1 million and 10 million in the following years. With its headquarters in St. Petersburg, VK has become the most popular social network service with approximately 100 million monthly active users as of 2022. Some of the features offered by VK.com are a messaging system, news, calls with no limits, video, and monetization for content creators and music, to mention a few. Additionally, VK is available in multiple languages and offers a tool to manage online community pages as well as celebrity ones.


Similar sites to vk.com include ok.ru, twitter.com, ya.ru, reddit.com, tiktok.com, yandex.ru, t.me, instagram.com, discord.com, and vkontakte.ru.


As of March 2024, vk.com has 1.179 billion monthly views (1.2B, Feb 2023), acccording to Similar Web. The Wayback Machine estimates that vk.com was founded on May 11, 2000. The Internet Archive has saved vk.com 332,924 times between May 11, 2000 and April 13, 2024.

According to VK, it was released to the public in 2007. Traffic for the site vk.com started to skyrocket in 2011 and has been on a steady incline since.

Is vk.com Safe?

Here, I analyzed vk.com for malware and malicious content to check if it was legit or a scam:

I checked vk.com on Sucuri, and it returned with no issues. Results: Sucuri scan for the site vk.com.

VK.com Sucuri results

Security hardening flaws:

  • Missing security header for ClickJacking Protection. Affected pages:
  • Missing security header to prevent Content Type sniffing. Affected pages:
    https://m.vk.com/ for iPad’s UA
  • Missing Strict-Transport-Security security header. Affected pages:
  • The ‘unsafe-inline’ keyword in Content-Security-Policy is not recommended. Affected pages:
    https://m.vk.com/ for iPad’s UA

I then ran a parasite scan with Unmask Parasites on vk.com, and it is clean. Results: Unmask Parasites scan for the site vk.com.

I also checked vk.com on VirusTotal and MalwarePatrol flagged it as malicious. Results: VirusTotal scan for the site vk.com.

vk.com VirusTotal results

In conclusion, Sucuri says btcgosu.com doesn’t have malware. Unmask Parasites says btcgosu.com is suspicious. VirusTotal says btcgosu.com is flagged as malicious by MalwarePatrol. OVERALL GRADE: Relatively Safe.

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