Few corporations have received as much negative backlash in the media lately as Samsung for their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone that seemingly couldn’t find a way not to catch on fire and blow up. It is a shame because it will hurt Samsung a great deal.

Samsung is one of my favorite companies because they know how to make a great device (pre-Galaxy Note 7) and in my opinion at least, they are responsible for much of the trends we see in smartphones today. I have not done as much research on this as I probably should, but in my head, it was Samsung who first started using the smartphone that had the larger display—they did this with their flagship ‘S’ series of smartphones. Back then having a phone that was considerably larger than the rest seemed a little bit clumsy and ugly, and if you couple that in with the fact that some of Steve Jobs last words were telling us all how the iPhone 4S was what Apple viewed as the perfect size, it was easy to raise an eyebrow at what Samsung was doing.

A few years down the track and just about every smartphone manufacturer was then shifting their focus to having smartphones that gave people larger display and now they are all just about the same size which is about a full inch corner to corner larger than the phone that Steve Jobs had assumed was the ideal size.

Samsung is not just about getting the size of the screen right either. Their SuperAMOLED (and just AMOLED) displays have been on their phones for many years, and now many others are copying them. Before it became news that many were making the shift over to the AMOLED displays, I knew owned a Samsung smartphone already (the Samsung Galaxy Alpha), and I had noticed how fantastic the phone displays really were without reading about it or so much as anyone telling me about it. There is something about how it is easy on the eye almost more like a rear-projection image and not something coming at you from typical glass that my eyes seem to get sick of after a while.

If you, like many others, have stuck it out and decided to stay with Samsung smartphones you will quickly reap the rewards of the Odin flashing tool. The Odin flashing tool runs on Windows operating systems and allows you to do most of the flashing you will ever need, including the likes of official firmware, custom recovery files, and rooting files. One of the rooting files that is available to be flashed using the Odin flashing application on the computer is the CF-Auto-Root tool by Chainfire. You probably already know the developer behind the CF-Auto-Root tool as Chainfire and the developer of the SuperSU that so many people choose to flash a custom recovery image. The CF-Auto-Root tool gives you the same SuperSU but without the need of swapping over the stock recovery for a custom version and thus is convenient for everyone who wants to keep the stock recovery and just install root applications with SuperSU granting them root user permissions over the operating system.


  • Chainfire had the LMY47X.G530R4TYU1AOF5 firmware build number running on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530R4 smartphone when he developed the rooting file in this guide. He is not suggesting that you need to flash and run it on your device before using the rooting file when he lets you know the firmware version he had running on his smartphone. He is giving you that information so you can use it as an indicator.
  • There is a CF-Auto-Root tool thread that has been set up over at the XDA-Developers web forum that you can sign up to and leave a message on if you find that one of the rooting files for the CF-Auto-Root tool is not working. You know one of them is not working if you flash the file and your smartphone does not boot up again after the flashing. These are the times when new bootloaders might be available in the newer firmware you are running. To solve this issue, Chainfire relies on people leave the recovery image files in the messages posted on the forum thread so he can use them to update the rooting file. If you have another problem as the file not flashing it might be because of something else so don’t leave messages saying that the file needs updating unless you are sure.
  • You need to have the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime smartphone that comes with the SM-G530R4 model number to use this guide. If you try flashing the version of the rooting file that is available in this guide n one of the other model numbers it will brick that phone because the rooting files are only ever available for the one model number unless otherwise advised by a professional.
  • You need to have a computer that is running on a version of the Windows operating system if you are going to use this guide that required the use of the Odin flashing application.

Download Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530R4 CF-Auto-Root and Drivers

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530R4 on the Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) Using CF-Auto-Root

  1. Unlock the Developer Options menu on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530R4 smartphone, so the options that are available to developers on the operating system become visible for you to use.
  2. Enable the USB Debugging Mode on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530R4 smartphone, so the Android software running on your device allows you to make the changes to it that are required for the rooting to work.
  3. Install the Samsung USB Drivers on the computer so that that flashing tool that is running on the computer can detect the smartphone after you plug it in.
  4. Extract the rooting file in the Downloads folder on the Windows computer and then run the Odin flashing tool that then becomes available in the Downloads folder.
  5. Boot the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530R4 smartphone in the Download Mode that it has and connect it to the computer with the USB cable.
  6. Check that Odin is now showing a blue or yellow ID: COM port and the added message is showing up too so you know that the Samsung USB Drivers are working for the device and it is ready for the flashing.
  7. Do not make changes to the default settings that you get from the Odin user interface or else you might lose data.
  8. Click on the AP button that is available from the Odin user interface and then follow the OS through to the Downloads folder where you then need to click on the rooting file os that it uploads to the Odin user interface.
  9. Click on the Start button so that the rooting of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime smartphone begins.
  10. Check that text that is now rolling down the display of the smartphone because it is programmed in by the developer to let you know what is happening and what to expect until the end.
  11. Wait until you get a message on the smartphone screen telling you that it is going to reboot in ten seconds.
  12. Check that Odin is showing a pass message in the green color before unplugging from the computer.

In conclusion, that is how to root the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530R4 smartphone running on the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop software updates using the CF-Auto-Root. You have just enabled the SuperSU program on the smartphone, and it is visible as an app as soon as it reboots back into the normal mode and how you typically use the device. You do not have to enter the SuperSU app and make any changes, but you can do that if you want to check out the options that are available on the menu if you like. You should check it out sometimes to at least if nothing else look at the option for the full unroot which is what you need to press when you want to go back to the stock version of Android that does not have access to the root user account a.k.a how it was before you began the guide above.

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