The Google Nexus 6 now has an official rooting method made available thanks to some help over at XDA and the wonderful third-party developers. The new kernel we are using today is called the Despair kernel and accurately describes the people who attempted to gain root access on the Nexus 6 using the same SuperSU package they used for Android 5.0 Lollipop. The reason being, it didn’t work.

You might be asking why the real name is for Despair and this kernel? Well, the XDA member who gives us the new kernel is Despair Factor. The new Despair kernel works with the modified SuperSU to give us root access. You might remember me saying the old SuperSU doesn’t work. The third-party developer has managed to understand why the earlier exploit no longer worked and how to change it so the new version does work.

Android M

Details of Note

  • You need to take all the usual necessary steps before starting the guide apart from backing up. Why would you not back up this time, that sounds dumb? Well, we are showing you how you can do that by taking a NANdroid backup during the guide from your recovery mode instead of using third-party apps. Of course, those who prefer to back up a different way can do that. You’ll probably need more than one application from Google Play to back up all the apps, phone contacts, SMS texts and more.
  • Once you are done following the guide below you might want to learn about what things to do with a rooted Android. The post includes custom ROMs, removing bloatware, overclocking, increasing the internal memory and more.
  • You must unlock a hidden menu known as the Developer Options menu so that you can enter it from the Settings. Head over to the About Device menu, locate the firmware build number and tap over it seven times. Now you have unlocked the menu.
  • Exit from the About Device menu and enter the Settings menu. Now you should see the Developer Options menu available. Enter the new Dev options and enable the USB Debugging Mode.
  • You need to install TWRP Recovery on the Google Nexus 6 before starting the guide. You must enter the TWRP custom recovery image and use the menu inside to upload the files we have in the guide.

How to root the Google Nexus 6 running the Android M Developer Preview

  1. Download the Despair kernel you need made by Despair Factor.
  2. Download the modified SuperSU 2.49 that’s different from the original Lollipop SuperSU.
  3. Use the Windows PC desktop for both files and do not extract or unzip them.
  4. Now plug the nexus 6 into the Windows computer and transfer both files individually over to the root of the SD card (internal storage).
  5. Once done, you can unplug the handset from the PC.
  6. Hold down the Power button for 10 seconds to switch off the Nexus 6.
  7. Reboot it up to enter Fastboot mode, followed by the recovery mode (TWRP recovery).
  8. Hold down the Power + Volume Down + Volume Up and wait until the Fastboot menu loads. Now press the Volume Down button and highlight where it says recovery in the menu. Confirm you want to enter that Recovery mode.
  9. Now that you are in Recovery, take a NANDroid backup as it’s the easiest way to back up the data. All you need is the custom recovery image complete to get that done and not the root access.
  10. Now that you cannot lose any data, you want to choose the “Install” option from the Recovery menu.
  11. Up load the two files (SuperSU and Despair) that you transferred to the internal storage SD card earlier in the guide. You must do them one by one.
  12. After each file is confirmed and complete, head back to the main recovery menu and choose the reboot system now option. Now your handset will reboot and you’ll have the root access you want.

You are now free to install a custom ROM or root-only apps from the Google Play Store. However, it’s wise to start by installing the root checker app from Google Play first so you know the new root method is working.