While you already have a thousand reasons to buy the latest Nexus 6P, there is now a new reason for buying this phone – the root access.

The Nexus 6P running on latest Android has been rooted, all thanks to TWRP Recovery and SuperSU for making it super-easy to root this phone.

Google Nexus 6P

As you may already know, root gives you the freedom to make your phone truly yours by letting you customize almost all the elements on it. From the boot animation to the build.prop file, everything can be modified once you have root access on your phone. So, in one word, root is what you need to unlock the true powers of your phone.

If that lures you to root your Nexus 6P, here’s how to do that:

Files You Need

  1. You must have unlocked the bootloader on your phone before doing this tutorial. Check out our how to unlock the Nexus 6P bootloader tutorial to learn how you can unlock your bootloader.
  2. You must have a custom recovery installed on your phone before doing this tutorial. If you do not have one, flash one using our how to install a custom recovery on the Huawei Nexus 6P tutorial.
  3. This flashes SuperSU in order to gain root on the phone.
  4. Download SuperSU to your computer. Do NOT extract it, leave it in .zip format.

Rooting the Huawei Nexus 6P

  1. Connect your Nexus 6P to your computer using a compatible USB cable. Make sure your phone can receive files from your computer.
  2. Copy SuperSU .zip from your computer over to the internal SD card storage on your phone. Place it on the top so you can easily find it in the following steps.
  3. When SuperSU is copied, disconnect your phone from your computer.
  4. Turn off your phone completely.
  5. Turn your phone back on in custom recovery mode. To do that, hold down Volume DOWN and Power buttons together for a few seconds.
  6. Your phone should reboot into bootloader mode.
  7. Select Recovery from the bootloader mode screen.
  8. Your phone should now be in recovery mode.
  9. Select Install in the recovery menu.
  10. Navigate to your internal storage and find SuperSU .zip and select it to be installed on your phone.
  11. Confirm the prompt and wait for TWRP to install SuperSU on your phone.
  12. When TWRP’s done installing SuperSU, reboot your phone using the Reboot followed by System option.
  13. Your phone should reboot.
  14. Your phone should now be rooted!

Cheers! Your Huawei Nexus 6P is now rooted and you can install Root Checker to confirm the same on your phone.

Everything that you need to customize your phone is already there on your phone. Unlocked bootloader, custom recovery, and root access is all you need to take your experience to the next level on your Nexus 6P. So, go ahead and enjoy everything that you have gotten on your phone.

You can start off with flashing a custom ROM, if one is available, and then you can move forward to custom kernels and such other custom developments.

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