The Windows Mobility Center is a feature found within the Windows operating system that gives you quick access to some of the most commonly used features. The name “Windows Mobility Center” alluded to these features being undeniably the most common for mobile devices. For that reason, you won’t find it available for desktops unless you have enabled it, or the computer is connected to UPS.

Though you will use many of the same individual features from desktop, it is the option to save your preferences within the Windows Mobile Center via the Presentation Settings and Sync Settings that make it truly unique. For example, if you were to need to give a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, you could set your preferences for all features found within the Windows Mobility Center and quickly enable them when needed.

If you have changed the Windows Mobility Center settings around, there may come a time when you wish you hadn’t and that instead you could go back to using it in its default state, the way it originally came with Windows 10.

The following tutorial demonstrates how you can reset the Windows Mobility Center and get it back to its default state when you are using a version of the Windows 10 operating system.

How the Windows Mobility Center appears when open:Windows Mobility Center interface example

How to Reset Windows Mobility Center Default Open Position Using Registry Editor

At this point in time, the only way you can reset the Windows Mobility Center is by using a .bat file. Here is how you can do that:

1. Open the Registry Editor. See this tutorial is read all the different ways you can open the Registry Editor application: How to Open and Use Registry Editor in Windows 10

2. Navigate to the following path within the Registry Editor application:


Note: If prompted by User Account Control, click on the Yes button to remove the pop-up screen and continue with opening the Registry Editor application.

3. Using the right side of the same registry Editor window, change the values to the following:

  • LastResolutionX: 308
  • LastResolutionY: 2eb
  • LastPositionLeft: 61d
  • LastPositionTop: 171
  • LastPositionRight: 780
  • LastPositionBottom: 438

Mobility Center last position DWORD values

4. You can now close the Registry Editor app and continue using your computer if you like.

That’s all.

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