Most of the settings that you used to change in earlier versions of Windows are now available from the Settings app in Windows 10.

While the Control Panel still exists in Windows 10, most experts believe, in large part thanks to the information shared by Microsoft employees, that the Control Panel is going to be phased out over time and all settings will eventually be available from the Settings app.

While there are many similarities between the older Control Panel and the new Settings app—like the fact that each is a categorized menu designed to offer you a bunch of settings all in the one place that you can easily navigate—there are also some differences that make it not hard to imagine both sticking around into the future. As it stands today, the Settings app is where you can find most everyday settings that you might want to change and the Control Panel is reserved for more complex tasks. This supports Microsoft’s original idea behind the Settings app: to offer a simpler experience for people to make changes to the operating system.

This tutorials demonstrates all the different ways you can open the Settings app when you’re using a version of the Windows operating system.

How to Open Settings Using Keyboard Shortcut

1. Press the “Windows logo + I” keys.

How to Open Settings from Win+X Menu

1. Open the Win+X menu and then tap/click on the “Settings” link.

How to Open Settings from Start Menu

1. Tap/click on the “Start” button (Windows logo in the taskbar) and then tap/click on the “Settings” gear icon.

Tip: You can also tap/click on the “three lines” at the top of the Start menu and then you’ll see the Settings in writing to make it easier.

How to Open Settings from File Explorer

1. Open “File Explorer” and then tap/click on “This PC.”

2. Now tap/click on the “Computer” tab and then tap/click on the “Open Settings” link from File Explorer’s ribbon.

How to Open Settings from Action Center

1. Tap/click on the “notification bubble” in the system tray to reveal the Action Center flyout and then tap/click on the “All Settings” button.

How to Open Settings from Run dialog

1. Press the “Windows logo + R” keys to open the Run dialog and then type “ms-settings:” and tap/click on the “OK” button.

The Windows Settings will be open up on your computer’s display on each occasion. From there you can choose to get access to the settings of your choice by following the categories and sub categories.




Network & Internet:




Time & Language:


Ease of Access:



Update & Security:

That’s all.

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