The Opera browser has been updated to build number 77.0.4054.254.

This update brings with it a feature that will match your Opera theme with the “system theme” (which presumably means operating system theme). You can expect to find this matching of themes working for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Opera 77.0.4054.254

The Opera developers have also included a fix so that showing thumbnails in Easy Files is working again.

After installing the update, some users are reporting that Opera isn’t successfully matching the themes as anticipated. One user claims to be running macOS Mojave with the dark theme and yet Opera isn’t making any change to suit it.

Another user is reporting that there is high CPU usage when watching YouTube and that the tab icon still uses too much CPU for their liking.

Another Windows 10 user has suggested that when they try to disable all extensions [at once], the Opera browser crashes every time they press the Ctrl+space key combo.

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