In this Opera 75 update we are fixing some crashes and updating chromium to version 89.0.4389.128.

  • CHR-8393 Update chromium on desktop-stable-89-3969 to 89.0.4389.128
  • DNA-92113 Windows debug fails to compile opera_components/ipfs/ipfs/ipfs_url_loader_throttle.obj
  • DNA-92198 [Arm] Update signing scripts
  • DNA-92200 [Arm] Create universal packages from two buildsets
  • DNA-92338 [Search tabs] The preview isn’t updated when the tab from another window is closed
  • DNA-92410 [Download popup] Selected item still looks bad in dark mode
  • DNA-92441 Compilation error
  • DNA-92514 Allow to generate universal DMG package from existing universal .tar.xz
  • DNA-92608 Opera 75 crash during rapid workspace switching
  • DNA-92627 Crash at automation::Error::code()
  • DNA-92630 Crash at opera::PremiumExtensionPersistentPrefStorageImpl::IsPremiumExtensionFeatureEnabled()
  • DNA-92648 Amazon icon disappears from Sidebar Extensions section after pressing Hide Amazon button
  • DNA-92681 Add missing string in Japanese
  • DNA-92684 Fix issues with signing multiple bsids
  • DNA-92706 Update repack generation from universal packages
  • DNA-92725 Enable IPFS for all channels

Download (Opera 75.0.3969.218 Stable update)