Microsoft had recently updated Windows 10 to include new Light and Dark Themes for the default theme for things such as the taskbar and settings app. Microsoft also included the option to integrate either the Light or Dark Themes into the apps as well.

Microsoft has now updated the OneDrive application so that it too can be used in the Dark Theme Mode.

An example of how you can expect to find the Dark Mode appearing for the OneDrive application:

Microsoft OneDrive is cloud storage that’s more easily integrated into the Windows operating systems than typical cloud storage providers. The reason for this is because Microsoft owns OneDrive and as such is able to purposefully integrate it like no other service. Some people aren’t interested in having their pictures automatically synced to OneDrive and subsequently turn OneDrive off, but if you’re wanting your pictures synced every time you connected your device to your computer, OneDrive is automatically offering you free cloud storage to host those files in the next nearest place to your hard drive.

To enable the Dark Theme for OneDrive, you can open the Settings app and then navigate to Personalization and then under the Choose your default app mode heading, enable the toggle. It will mean that all of your apps are using the Dark Theme as well, but it’s the only way to enable it for OneDrive at the moment.

If you had previously disabled OneDrive because you didn’t want it using up resources when you weren’t using it, you can probably download it from Microsoft and have it instantly installed again rather than fiddling round in the registry trying to work out how you previously disabled it.

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