There is a significant story breaking into the new year for both Android users and Night Flier fans alike with the new Night Flier Seasons announced and set for release with Android. By the time we post this article, the Night Flier Seasons will be readily available to download from the Google Play store.

Night Flier Seasons is an adventure, arcade game where you play as a bat and fly in the sky. The name Seasons came in because the game works around the different seasons of the year including holidays. You start the game over the Christmas period — which seems only fitting since its release now.

It is also Winter time being an American release, which means you battle the frost and snow right from the get-go. It isn’t all battling, however. While flying through the skies, you see lots of treasures find including Christmas presents. If you didn’t do well in life this year under the Christmas tree, you might be interested in picking this game up even quicker. It’s important to note this game is loosely based on seasons, so you can expect much more goodness as you keep playing that isn’t just all Christmas related goodies.

Official release notes from PageNet CEO:

“Every year you feel the Christmas spirit since the first snow falls to the ground. You wait for shining decorations, for the sound of Christmas carols, for people laughing just because of great mood. We try to embody the atmosphere of expectation and holiday in our game”,

“New seasons and new holidays keep coming, so we are going to stay in touch with the calendar”.

Download Night Flier Seasons for Android.

This game has already been available for iOS. If you wanted to get that version instead it’s there underneath for you also.

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