Android is really popular with developers because they can grab the source code and modify it so that it is different to what they see now, which means they can change the version of Android the Android developers created and adjusted its features and design. There are always people who have different opinions with regards to what looks good and what doesn’t. Moreover, some people find certain features useful, and others find those same features useless. So it only makes sense that by making many ROMs you can make more people happy.

Before you can make any changes on Android using applications to help you, you need to root the device. The term “root Android” is referring to opening up the gates to the root user account which is always there but Android took it away so that it was locked. The root user account is the same as the administrators account for Windows operating systems. Anyone who has been logged into a Windows PC without the administrator’s account and tried to install something that Windows didn’t let them can understand how annoying that can be. For people who are interested in developing, it is terrible.

By rooting the Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphone, you are taking control of the root user account, so it is then you who decides what can be installed and what is uninstalled. It also means you can do some developing using root applications.

There are often two ways to root a Samsung smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy On5. One of the ways is by installing a custom recovery image and then flashing the SuperSU app—which is what we have available in this guide. The other way is by using a one-click rooting tool such as CF-Auto-Root when it becomes available. The difference is that when you have a custom recovery installed, you can start flashing custom ROMs. When you use a one-click rooting tool, you can only begin installing the root apps.

Details We Should Know

Files We Need

  • Download the SuperSU app by Chainfire.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy On5 SM-G550T1 smartphone running on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow using SuperSU

  1. Download the SuperSU zip file directly to the computer.
  2. Open up the default download location which is usually the Downloads folder if you are running on Windows to find your SuperSU that you downloaded.
  3. Connect the Samsung Galaxy On5 SM-G550T1 smartphone to the computer with the USB cable.
  4. Copy the SuperSU zip file over to the internal storage SD card folder that is on the computer when you have the smartphone plugged into it with the USB cable.
  5. Unplug the Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphone from the computer and then reboot it into the Recovery Mode so the custom recovery partition boots up on the phone’s display.
  6. Choose to take the NANDroid Backup if you haven’t backed up the data on the Galaxy On5 phone already.
  7. Tap on the Install button from the main Recovery menu and then follow the guidelines to browse the SD card and upload the SuperSU zip file that you had transferred there earlier.
  8. Choose the Reboot and System options from the menu once the SuperSU file is flashed and it reboots the Samsung Galaxy On5 system back into the normal mode and out of the Recovery Mode.

In conclusion, that is all you need to root the Samsung Galaxy On5 SM-G550T1 smartphone running on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software updates by flashing Chainfire’s SuperSu from a custom recovery image. The result is you can see the SuperSU as an app when the smartphone reboots and that SuperSU is the app that gives your device the root access. Just make sure you grant rooting permissions to the root apps after you try running them because SuperSU will give you a pop-up message asking whether or not you would like to give it permission just to confirm the installation.

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