If your Mac computer is being redirected to the standardboostsupport website, it’s because there is a browser hijacker installed on your computer. While browser hijackers are forms of malware, they don’t pose a significant threat. However, it’s still imperative to remove these computer hijackers as soon as you can to ensure no additional clicks on the sites it may redirect you to cause any more damage than was necessary.

How to Remove Standardboostsupport

You can get rid of standardboostsupport with an antimalware scan from reliable third-party software. Two programs we recommend for removing the standardboostsupport browser hijackers are Malwarebytes and Avast Free. Both Malwarebytes and Avast offer a free version of their tools which can be downloaded from their respective websites. Though, when you download the free version of Avast, its GUI will label it as Avast Free whereas Malwarebytes still calls itself Malwarebytes. While the different business strategies make it slightly confusing, installing these programs is just as easy as running the antimalware scans themselves.

Standardboostd Will Damage Your Mac Computer?

It’s unlikely that any version of the standardboostsupport browser hijacker will damage your Mac. This includes the following variants of the same virus: standardboost.gqa, standardboostd, standard boost mac, et cetera.

How to Remove Standardboostsupport with Malwarebytes

standardboostsupport is a browser hijacker that can be removed with Malwarebytes antimalware protection for free, and without you, the user, needing to do anything else on the computer manually. While you can try to remove browser hijackers yourself from the browser’s settings, we don’t recommend doing so because some developers install hijackers that can keep coming back automatically. These types of hijackers can only be removed with the help of software that will remove the deep infection for you.

Download: Malwarebytes for WindowsMaciOS, and Android

How to Remove Standardboostsupport with Avast Free Antivirus

Malware is becoming evermore prevalent on Mac, especially the browser hijackers since Mac users get access to the internet the same way as everyone else. You can potentially remove a browser hijacker just from the browser extensions page alone, but that’s not always the case. Depending on who developed your hijacker, it may keep coming back due to it having more advanced software installed on your computer. And if that’s the case you’ll need to run an antimalware scan to remove what’s leftover. Avast is very reliable at downloading new virus definitions to your computer. I probably don’t trust it quite as much as Malwarebytes, but it’s my next best virus removal program for Mac.

Download: Avast Free Antivirus for Windows and Mac

In conclusion, that is how to remove the Standardboostsupport redirect.