The Firefox browser has been updated to version 90.0.2. This update to the Release channel was released on July 22, 2021.

Firefox 90.0.2 has fixed two bugs: the PDF output is no longer being cut off and the menu is now more visible.

Firefox 90.0.2

The first bug occurred during truncated output when printing would happen when PDF output is cut off on and according to Mozilla there were likely other times as well.

The second bug which occurred on menu styling was for two separate styling issues: (1) the transparent context menu with minwaita theme and (2) the menu button was invisible when using Yaru Colors GTK theme and Light Firefox theme on Firefox 90.

In addition to the fixes, there was also one update to support the DoH Canada rollout.

To update Firefox, open the browser and then head to Help > About Firefox, and then the browser will automatically check if any updates are yet to be installed.

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