Google Chrome QR code

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome now come with the option of QR code URL sharing as a native feature from the right-click context menu. This means you can open any webpage, right-click on the section you wish to find a QR code for, right-click on it, and then find the Create QR code for this page link from the menu.

For a while now Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have been experimenting with a flag that allowed users to generate a QR code on an image. That flag has now disappeared with the feature becoming enabled by default.

These QR codes aren’t only for shopping. The QR code URL sharing means you can easily share a URL between devices. Copying and pasting links between mobile devices is not easy — you may need to post the URL to social media or a note-taking app as a middle manager — but it gets even trickier when you want to transfer links between desktop and mobile.

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