The Download SUT L3 Tool (Software Update Tool) is capable of flashing firmware files to smartphones and tablets that come with Intel system chips.

Many of the flashing tools out there in existence were never officially released to consumers. They started out as tools that were being used in smartphone repair centers, thanks to their ability to fix software errors, software bugs, boot loops, and so on. But they eventually leaked out to enthusiast websites and web forums for people to see. Nowadays flashing these firmware files yourself manually to fix smartphones is far more common than sending a phone away to a service center, and the manufacturers don’t really have any problem with that.

Some flashing tools out there such as Odin just cater to devices from the one manufacturer like Samsung, while others like the Smartphone flash tool are able to flash firmware for MediaTek system chips. The SUT L3 Tool is similar to the SP Flash Tool in that many different manufacturers can use regardless of the brand and all that matters is the system chip inside the hardware.

The SUT L3 Tool also comes with some impressive features that everyone with an Intel system chip will appreciate such as its own USB drivers already preinstalled so you don’t have to source them from elsewhere before you start the flashing.

SUT L3 Tool Features

Easy Installer

The SUT L3 Tool is a simple to use computer program. Just unpack the file, open the program and then you’ll see it’s interface that’s ready to help you flash firmware files to your device. It’s as easy to use as Odin, the SP Flash Tool, and most of the other competition out there.

Simple Interface

The SUT L3 Tool only needs you to click on the button to load the stock firmware flash file that’s already downloaded onto your computer and then another button to get the flashing part underway. Anyone can use this tool for just the flashing of firmware files, though you must remember the risks involved with flashing firmware.

Automatic Driver Installation

One of the problem areas with getting firmware flashed is making sure you have the right drivers installed on the computer first. It’s about all that can go wrong, and sometimes people just never find the right driver package to install, and their firmware installation hopes are lost. To solve this problem, the SUT L3 Tool comes with the drivers already installed (or at least the tool will install them automatically for you on the computer, so you don’t have to). You need to uninstall the driver package yourself when you’re ready to uninstall the SUT L3 Tool, but that’s the case with every driver package anyway.

Download SUT L3 (All Versions)

Important Notes

Windows Compatible: You can use the SUT L3 Tool on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Backup: You should always backup your smartphone or tablet before flashing the firmware files because some of the data may be removed. Data such as pictures will still be on your device, but applications you installed, and contacts need to be backed up first so you can restore them later.

Made By Intel: The official Intel team makes the SUT L3 Tool, which is why it works for devices with Intel system chips.

.Net Framework: Your PC may need to get .Net framework installed before the flashing tool will open. If this is the case, it will automatically guide you through the process. Just follow the on-screen instructions to get .Net framework installed.

USB Drivers: Once you extract the SUT L3 Tool package on your computer, you’ll see the different driver packages in the folder. You don’t need to select these. They will install automatically once the .Net framework is installed.

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