The Qualcomm product support tool, otherwise known as the QPST flash tool for short, is an application you can use to install firmware files onto smartphones that come with a Qualcomm chipset.

Numerous flashing tools are designed to work for Qualcomm chipsets, and it shouldn’t matter which one you use. However, if you try using one and it doesn’t work, then it’s always handy having another up your sleeve. The QPST flashing tool is one of the better ones that offers consistent reliability, as it is distributed by Qualcomm Mobility Inc. aka the real Qualcomm team.

In addition to QPST being a reliable tool, it’s also only got one purpose which is to flash firmware and that means the file you have to download to use it is a relatively small one in comparison to some other tools out there.

You can use the QPST flashing tool on devices from any manufacturer—all you need to worry about is making sure your device does come with a Qualcomm system chip. If you aren’t sure, you can check out your device specs online or get in touch with your manufacturer.

QPST Flash Tool Features:

QFIL Built-in: The QPST flash tool comes with the Qualcomm flash image loader (QFIL) built into it. QFIL has long been one of the most reliable flashing tools out there for Qualcomm devices.

Software Download: You can download and flash stock and official firmware files for any smartphone or tablet that features a chipset manufactured by Qualcomm. You can also backup and restore the nonvolatile (NV) memory from your files.

RF Calibration: provided you’ve got a SURF or FFA mobile device, you can use the Qualcomm Device NV which controls the RF usage.

Service Programming: You can use QPST to save the service programming file so you can then install it on multiple devices.

QPST Configuration: The QPST flashing tool allows you to monitor the status of connected devices, active clients and all the available serial ports. You can also use the QPST configuration on other QPST client machines.

Installer: The QPST flashing tool comes with an installer, so you’ll need to install the application on your computer before you can use it. Once you’re finished with the app. you can delete it from your computer as you would any other app for your operating system. For current Windows users, that means navigating to the Start menu > Settings > Apps > Apps and features and then choosing to uninstall your app from the list.

Download QPST Flash Tool

Please download the free QPST Flash Tool from the following download link below. The link is of the latest version of the QPST Flash Tool. The latest version of the tool has been updated to include compatibility for more devices.

Note: Always try downloading the latest version of the flashing tool to give yourself the chance at the best compatibility. Newer versions of the QPST flashing tool are likely to be compatible with more devices as well as more versions of Android. They might come with some bug fixes that give you a better experience, too.

Take Into Account

Instructions: Once you’ve downloaded the file from the links above, you might be interested in checking out how to use the QPST flashing tool to install the firmware file on your mobile device.

Compatible with Windows Only: You’ll need to have a computer that runs on a version of the Windows operating system, ranging from Windows XP and up if you’re going to use this tool. Available Windows versions include Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Back Up Your Data: You should always take a backup of the current data before using such tools as the QPST flashing tool. That way you can always restore your data later if you need to.

Official Tool: Qualcomm Mobility Inc has developed the QPST flash tool.

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