Windows 10 comes with a built-n video platform. Many of the applications that you get preinstalled with Windows 10—Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, Microsoft Edge, Movies & TV, Photos, et cetera—as well as third-party applications that you install from the Microsoft Store use this video platform.

For both apps that come preinstalled in Windows and third-party apps, you can change the video playback settings. Some new video playback settings have been added to Windows 10 build 16215. Additionally, the battery settings have been changed also, so you can choose whether to not you would like to optimize the battery for video streaming apps.

This tutorial demonstrates how to change the video playback settings when you’re using a version of the Windows 10 operating system.

How to Change Video Playback Settings in Windows 10

1. Open the Settings application and click on “Apps” from the Windows Settings menu.

2. From Apps’ left side menu, click on the “Video Playback link.

3. In the right side of the window is where you can now change all the settings relating to the video playback settings.

4. Click on the “Windows HD Color settings” link if you want to adjust settings associated with the display of find the toggle for HDR video.

5. Under the Chose display heading, click on the drop-down menu if you want to select a secondary display and change the settings for it.

6. Under the Display capabilities heading, you can see the options available for the displays that you have connected.

7. Further down the same page is the toggle to turn on or off the “Stream HDR video” option.

8. Under the Battery options, you can choose to “Optimize for battery life” or “Optimize for image quality.”

9. There’s also a checkbox available for choosing whether or not you want to allow streaming HDR video when you’re running on battery power.

10. If you click back and scroll down the Video playback options, you’ll see another Battery options heading toward the bottom of the page that differs from the one found within the Windows HD Color settings page. This time you can choose to “Optimize for battery life” when watching movies and video on battery power.

11. There’s also a checkbox available for choosing whether or not you want to play video at a lower resolution when on battery power.

That’s all.

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