The Brave browser has been updated to version 1.31.87. This update to the Release channel rolled out on October 21, 2021.

Brave 1.31.87

Brave 1.31.87 has made a significant enhancement to the adblock, namely it now offers the chance to add custom filter lists. You will also find the WDP (Web Discovery Project) and adaptive CAPTCHA. There is also an interesting feature for removing the Brave User-Agent when you’re on the DuckDuckGo domain. The Chromium foundation that the browser runs on has also been updated to version 95.0.4638.54, so you get all of the latest security enhancements that come with that update as well.

The rest of the changelog provided by Brave:

  • Added Brave agent version suffix to go-ipfs.
  • Updated default search engine to Brave Search for new installations in certain regions.
  • Updated rewards panel design.
  • Updated Private Window New Tab page design.
  • Improved handling of default wallet settings under brave://settings/wallet.
  • Removed tipping banner warning for unverified publishers.
  • Removed Uphold “x-client-partner” header.
  • Removed “IdleDetection” from brave://settings/content.
  • Removed known user tracking parameter “twclid” from Twitter query strings.
  • Disabled brave://flags/#copy-link-to-text by default.
  • Fixed CAPTCHA failing when using custom scaling in certain cases.
  • Fixed default settings under brave://settings/wallet not working in certain cases for both Crypto Wallet and MetaMask.
  • Fixed MetaMask failing to connect to web3 websites within Brave.
  • Fixed Greaselion extension appearing as corrupted in the terminal/command line interface.
  • Fixed IPFS protocol badge linked to node diagnostics instead of settings.
  • Fixed being able to both remove and add peers even though IPFS is not activated.
  • Fixed Speedreader icon incorrectly appearing in certain cases.
  • Fixed escape and encoded characters being displayed within articles when viewed using Speedreader.
  • Fixed article titles being cut short when viewed within Speedreader.
  • Fixed blue border appearing on top of window when focused.

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