The Brave browser has been updated to version 1.30.86. This update to the Release channel rolled out on October 7, 2021.

Brave 1.30.86

Brave 1.30.86 can understand your searches from Windows Shell and Cortana. You can also choose to index alternative ther search engines via brave://settings/search.

Here is the full changelog provided by Brave:

  • Added the ability for Brave to handle searches from Windows Shell and Cortana.
  • Added “Index other search engines” setting under brave://settings/search.
  • Added the ability to disable Tor via Admin policy on macOS and Linux.
  • Added the ability to right click in brave://rewards-internals logs.
  • [Security] Added IPFS gateway URL validation.
  • Improved “Disconnected” Brave Rewards wallet options.
  • Updated default (standard) adblocking to generally allow first-party requests.
  • Removed known user tracking parameters from URLs.
  • Fixed overlapping text in download infobar.
  • Fixed Brave specific URLs not being listed under brave://about.
  • Fixed inability to remove IPNS keys under brave://settings/ipfs/keys.
  • Fixed issue with IPFS shutdown and restart in certain cases.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 94.0.4606.61.

To update Brave, open the browser and then head to Settings > About Brave. It will then automatically check for updates and let you know when your browser is up to date.

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