The Windows 11 operating system has been updated to version 22499.1000. This update for Windows Insiders was released on November 10, 2021.

Windows 11 22499.1000

In Windows 11 version 22494.1000, Microsoft recently announced the ability to mute and unmute Microsoft Teams calls directly from the taskbar. Microsoft has added another feature that they consider to be an extension of the same idea, whereby you can now share content of opened windows directly from the taskbar when you’re in Microsoft Teams calls as well.

These tab previews have been around for all of Windows 11, but just now has Microsoft added a new section beneath the images of the webpages in the previews that says “Share this window” which is the feature that allows you to share during Teams calls the opened windows with those you’re on a call with.

You can read up on the rest of the changes, improvements, and fixes found within this build from here: Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22499.

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