Well, if there was ever a time you didn’t think WhatsApp was as big a deal as some people, though, that time might be quickly turned around. Reason being, when Nokia fully integrates an actual WhatsApp button pre-installed in their latest Asha 210 mobile phone, that generally means it’s time to start listening.

This device is brand new, only available via pre-orders so far. It’s called the Asha 210 and it comes with a very Blackberry looking keyboard. If you dig that kind of thing, and are a WhatsApp fan, then this is the Smartphone to start saving for.

It will be available in heaps of cool colors including hot pink, bright yellow and my personal favorite, lime green. This whole trend did initially start with Windows Phone which is also made by Nokia. Colors will now be readily available on the new budget iPhone as well, which is coming later this year.

Being WhatsApp ready doesn’t mean it’s just another way for them to make money either, we, at least not directly. The subscription will be completely free and for a lifetime guarantee. That makes it a sweet deal. While on the subject of efficiency, Nokia have announced this mobile will come with the Nokia Express browser, which it claims will cut data consumption by as much as 90%.

It also carries a dual-SIM which is what every deviate needs. No, not really, but it is very useful to many and not a feature many devices have. It is of course also a Wi-Fi ready. The display is nothing flash and small, but it gets the job done.

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