Today is the day the world has been waiting for. Or at least the technology world has been waiting for. The release of the iPhone 5. What features will it include? Nobody knows yet but we are all about to find out in just a couple of hours time when Tim Cook takes to the stage to host the Apple event held in San Francisco.

For such a big event there really hasn’t been that much hype. Sure the media have jumped on board but that is to be expected as they normally jump on board any good excuse for a story. What’s alarming is still how much this world is struggling financially and the tendency to skip brand new technology products still rains supreme.


It’s no secret that the less fortunate choose to sit back and wait instead of buying a new product once it is released into the wild. But what’s becoming more and more alarming is people’s complete cluelessness and lack of patience. For example, many people I know (and this is fine) have chosen to just recently purchase the iPhone 4S even with me reiterating the importance and the historical significance let alone features and better value the iPhone 5 is set up to be. They just will not wait to grab a new product that’s due out in a few months. This isn’t just one or two people, it’s literally the vast majority if not everybody I know. They jumped on the iPhone 4S bandwagon. Sure that doesn’t mean the rest of the world is the same, but as far as percentage and probability goes, it’s within reason to assume the rest of the world is not much different.

Lets put negligence behind us for a minute and focus on money-saving, if there were to be an ulterior motive involved such as saying they can’t wait but truth be told they’re thinking about saving some money. If you buy a new product now and keep it over any given time span you are spending the exact same amount of money than if you were to buy the older product cheap now and the buy the new product again once it gets older. Not only are you spending the same amount if not more in the long run but you’re not experiencing  any product that is new out on the market. Where is the fun in that? It’s a trend that has been around forever and doesn’t seem to be dying. The effects have the world much further behind in technological advancements because it’s all dictated by business. If people don’t buy into products the companies are more than happy to sit back and wait until you do and conjure up a sort of happy medium leaving us way behind the times. Believe me it’s true, there are lots behind closed doors the world just doesn’t know about and when they do it will be sold of as a new product as if it were just thought of.

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