Many people have now moved on to the third gen iPad or the iPad 3 as most of you know it, and thus leading to many requests for an iPad 3 user manual. We have happily located this for you. The user manual is a new iPad 3 user guide / user manual and it is a free download for everyone.

The new iPad 3 User guide is especially made for iOS 5.1 users. Soon enough Apple will upgrade to iOS 6 but for now this is the manual you want to have. Once iOS 6 comes out we will also supply that user manual for you.


Inside the user manual you will find everything you need to know about your new iPad 3 from a to z.

If your interested in learning more about your iPad 3 such as specs then continue reading. However if you’re just after the manual itself you can skip to the bottom of the page where you will find the direct free download links for the new iPad 3 user guide / user manual.

iPad 3 Specs:

Height of the iPad 3 is 9.5 inches with a width of 7.3 inches
You can choose from anyone of three memory types included the 16 gig 32 gig and 64 gig
The iPad 3 weighs in at 652 grams
Included in the 9.3 inch display is the brand new retina display feature
The iPad 3 has a 5 miga pixel camera on board
Reports of battery life lasting up to 10 hours
The iPad 3 has 3 different sensors; they are Gyroscope  Accelerometer and a Ambient light sensor.

Click this link to find your free New iPad 3 User Guide / User Manual Free Download

After clicking the link simply click save file and download as a PDF for most systems.

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