Jerk Planet ( is a porn tube site.

Popular models on Jerk Planet include Queen Regina, Riley Rey, Miss Tiff, Emma Lux, and Britteny Marie, among others.


Similar sites to Jerk Planet include Femdomup, Femdom-pov. Xmegadrive, Femdom-joi, Joi-me, Pornovideoshub, Newfemdomvideos,  Femdomxxx, Mixfemdomcc, and Pornbimbo.


As of January 2024, has 260,124 monthly views. was founded on January 8, 2012. The Internet Archive has saved 284 times between January 8, 2012 and January 11, 2024.

Is Safe?

Here, I analyzed for malware and malicious content to check if it was legit or a scam:

I checked on Sucuri, and it returned as a low security risk. Results. Sucuri results

Sucuri says is a low security risk; however, it returned a 404 Not Found status on the URL

Security hardening flaws:

  • Missing Strict-Transport-Security security header. Affected pages:

I then ran a parasite scan with Unmask Parasites on, and it is clean. Results.

I also checked on VirusTotal, and it is flagged as suspicious by URLQuery. Results. VirusTotal results

Further, passed all blocklist engines on URLVoid. Results.

In conclusion, the 404 Not Found status on Sucuri and being flagged as suspicious by URLQuery means we can’t grade higher than relatively safe. OVERALL GRADE: Relatively Safe.

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 by Claribel
Can't Trust Its Ads has exactly the same design as It doesn't look like a simple default theme with no design work, so my guess is they're owned or affiliated with the same people. Unfortunately, like, has tech-support scam ads. This time, in the bottom right corner during my visit was a scam ad that said "McAfee: Three viruses found." First, it can't have found a virus if I haven't asked it to scan my computer yet -- I haven't clicked anything on this site yet. Second, it's clear to me that it's an ad. I'm going to click out of this one and leave.