Hentaigasm (hentaigasm.com) is a site for streaming hentai manga. The main site is Hentaigasm.com but as with many streaming sites, there are potentially other domains owned by the same company. For instance, we can also see Hentaigasm.tv and Hentaigasm.online in Google search results. They may be mirror sites, sister sites, or unrelated sites looking for traffic from the same brand name. This review is only for the main Hentaigasm.com domain. There is not much site navigation behind the videos themselves; however, they do show stats such as the views, likes, and number of comments for the videos. They offer a tag cloud for navigation which is visible in the sidebar.


Similar sites to hentaigasm.com include hentaimama.io, animeidhentai.com, muchohentai.com, ohentai.org, hentai.tv, hentaiplay.net, hentaihaven.xxx, hanime.tv, hentaiworld.tv, and hentaibar.com.


As of August 2023, the site hentaigasm.com has 3.1 million monthly views, according to Similar Web. The Wayback Machine estimates hentaigasm.com was founded on February 1, 2013. The Internet Archive has saved the domain hentaigasm.com 694 times between February 1, 2013 and October 2, 2023.

Is hentaigasm.com Safe?

I analyzed hentaigasm.com for malware and malicious content to check if it was legit or a scam. Here are the results:

I checked hentaigasm.com on Sucuri, and it says it is running WordPress under 5.4.2/5.3.4/5.2.7. Results: Sucuri scan for the site hentaigasm.com.

Hentaigasm.com Sucuri results

Sucuri says hentaigasm.com is running outdated software (WordPress under 5.4.2/5.3.4/5.2.7) and subsequently is a high security risk.

Security hardening flaws:

  • Missing Strict-Transport-Security security header. Affected pages:

I then ran a parasite scan with Unmask Parasites on the site hentaigasm.com, and it is clean. Results: Unmask Parasites scan for the site hentaigasm.com.

I also checked hentaigasm.com on VirusTotal, and it is clean. Results: VirusTotal scan for the site hentaigasm.com.

Hentaigasm.com VirusTotal results

Further, hentaigasm.com passed all blocklist engines on URLVoid. Results: URLVoid scan for hentaigasm.com.

In conclusion, hentaigasm.com is a high security risk due to running outdated software (WordPress under 5.4.2/5.3.4/5.2.7) according to Sucuri. However, Sucuri also says hentaigasm.com is not blacklisted. Moreover, Unmark Parasites says hentaigasm.com is clean of parasites. And VirusTotal says hentaigasm.com hasn’t been flagged as malicious by any security vendors. OVERALL GRADE: Relatively Safe.

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Website: hentaigasm.com


1. SimilarWeb – hentaigasm.com

2. Wayback Machine – hentaigasm.com

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