What Is cash.app?

Cash App (Cash.app) is a mobile payment service that allows you to send and receive money in the US and UK directly from a smartphone to a bank account. It’s similar to Zelle and PayPal; however, Cash App doesn’t have an account balance; all transactions go directly to bank accounts. Cash App is available for Android and iOS smartphone operating systems. Cash App is owned by Block Inc. Block is owned by Jack Dorsey (founder of Twitter). As of December 2022, the website cash.app gets an estimated 11.9 million monthly views, according to SimilarWeb. The Wayback Machine estimates that cash.app was founded on April 23, 2018.

Links and Profiles

Website: cash.app

Is cash.app Safe?

I analyzed cash.app for malware and malicious content to check if it was legit or a scam. Here are the results:


I checked the site Cash.App on an online malware scanner Sucuri and it returned with no issues. You can see the same here: Sucuri scan for the site Cash.app.

Cash App Sucuri

To check this further I ran a parasite scan with Unmask Parasites on the site Cash.app and it says the page is clean. You can see the same here: Unmask Parasites scan for the site Cash.app.

Lastly, I ran a malware scan with VirusTotal for the domain Cash.app and the scan detected at least one file communicating with the domain and no security vendor flagged the domain as malicious. You can see the same here: VirusTotal scan for the site Cash.app.

Cash App VirusTotal results

As a Service:

Cash App is extremely trustworthy. It has customer service to assist you with any issues including what you feel may be an injustice. There are several methods for contacting Cash App: using your smartphone, using the app, and using Cash App’s official social media pages. Here is the full list of contact options and methods for getting in contact: https://cash.app/contact

When judging a service like Cash App, I look at who the founders/owners are, and I look at how many people use the service. If the financial service is of a similar size to PayPal, I trust it. I have been using PayPal for decades and I trust PayPal. So I know Cash App can be trusted similarly. That said, we invite comments from those who use Cash App because reviews from real customers can also be useful. Overall grade: Very Safe.


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