Verizon has been in the news a lot of late, in particular, yesterday when the news broke of the US company buying Vodafone’s share in its wireless network, making Verizon communication the largest carrier in the US. Because of this move, it was predicted there may be more moves to come, in particular with regards to expanding its territory in Canada to take as much market share as they can from their close neighbors. However, it seems this movie had more of the opposite effect, making Verizon stay put with what they have already.

Today, however, we have learned that Verizon won’t be partaking in that idea at all. “Verizon is not going to Canada., Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam said today to reporters face to face in an interview.

This news is somewhat contradictory to reports which did, in fact, suggest Verizon offered a buyout of Canadian based company, Wind mobile for around 700 million dollars. This also sparked other major Canadian carriers to make some moves, including the Canadian government, which leaves little doubt of its authenticity.

It’s possible that Verizon itself didn’t have plans to head into Canadian, but instead, they were going to buy another band, Wind mobile, that were already there.

Verizon has long been one of the largest smartphone carrier networks in the US. They can offer to offer customer low prices while at the same time have significant infrastructure placed around the United States, offering those same customers fantastic mobile reception and service.

Wind mobile, on the other hand, could well be finding themselves on the other end of the spectrum. Where there is smoke there is often fire, so don’t be surprised if WInd mobile might be looking for a buyer, perhaps because they aren’t scraping by these days as well as planned.

Wind mobile is still within the top 5 smartphone brands in Canada, and that’s not typically a sign of weakness. But in today’s economic times, there are no guarantees.

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