If you are a subscriber to Bell Mobility in Canada and own the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, you should look out for a new software update that’s arriving to your device display panel. The newfangled OTA release, namely G900W8VLU1BOB3 is already arriving to some smartphones and will continue to rollout over the coming days. You might be waiting well into next week for the software update ot hit your device, but when it does eventually come, you’ll find a bevy of new features on your phone. Check out what’s inside after the jump.

Android 5.0 Lollipop has come with heaps of new features since the older KitKat update, including the popular material design user interface, the material design flowing through the app drawer, Android Beam, Android RunTime, tap and go NFC payments, smarter notifications and much more. Some of the other features we haven’t yet mentioned include the new Priority Mode, Flappy Bird style Easter Egg, better power saver mode with up to 90 minutes more battery time, less Sammy bloatware, multiple device sharing, pick up where you left off with music and apps and still more. There’s still probably a hundred or so changes to the operating system which alters the look and feel from KitKat. You’ll also love the smoother ROM experience that works faster with the touch of your hands on the display when toggling through pages, applications, settings and notifications.

Android Lollipop

There is no secret trick to make this update arrive at your device any quicker, even though there are people who swear by their past luck of tapping buttons. The Lollipop is calculated by the phone carrier network using your details and date of purchase to create a formula as to when it’s going to come to you. Predicting the arrival of the G900W8VLU1BOB3 firmware is near impossible. With that being said, when it does finally arrive you can tap the display on the ‘download’ and ‘install now’ options to start the installation. Most networks recommend staying away from the mobile data so you don’t end up with those pesky excess fees and so you won’t attribute to the network high traffic.

Android 5.0 Lollipop is widely regarded as one of the greatest Android software update since it all began back in 2007. However, because there’s been a great deal of tweaks changing it from KitKat, there’s also been complaints of bugs in the system. It may take a few minor incremental updates in future, such as the 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 OTA updates for you until you hit the sweet spot.

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