Meizu, the Chinese electronics giants had just launched the MX3 today. The Chinese are doing great things in the Smartphone land lately. Typically, they’re not normally a place that builds great mobiles — they lack appeal to many and really only have been competitive in very specific niches in the overall market such as either very low end of very high end. Now, though, things are looking like possibly changing and the new MX3 could be attributed a bit to that change.

The best way to describe the MX3 is probably a hybrid of the iPhone looks — without breaking any patents — mixed with an Android operating system. That result? Generally nothing to bother turning your head for, unless it is packed with substantial hardware, of course.

And that’s exactly what the MX3 is. It does have that extra hardware which will make people want it, even though it lacks any truly original feature in its own right. Having said that, this new Asian mobile isn’t expected to leave and cross the ocean anyway. Chances are it stays exactly where it lies, purely due to the fact that there were already so many devices already like it takes hold of the North American markets and other places alike. Does that mean it will struggle in China? No, not necessarily. From all we can tell, it seems to be a hit so far and should become a talked about device this year in China. What will be interesting is how much noise it can make when going up against the Red Rice soon to take center stage in the coming days ahead.

The baseline model of the Meizu MX3 will set you back around $410, whilst the benchmark that has a whopping 128GB version will be up above the $600 mark. The only difference being the memory as far as we can tell. It does run Android, however, they haven’t even disclosed which kind of ROM it will come with. Let’s hope it is Jelly Bean for the buyers sake.