Love them or hate them, places like Taiwan have a unique blend of people. Anything Anime, or cartoons are more than likely going to be hugely popular with the younger generation.To give you a good example of what I mean, take the HTC Butterfly S, for instance, which has just been released in its special, cute, unique Hello Kitty version. In most places around the globe, there would be no use even attempting to pull this off, however, in a place like Taiwan it could end up being a big success. So why not give it a go?

This isn’t just a hello Kitty skin we’re talking about here either. It is actually a full fledged Hello Kitty limited edition HTC mobile.

How does a device like this possibly succeed? By replacing the once good quality solid metal shell with the now plastic one which is decked out in graphics. Personally, I don’t mind plastic phones and I’m keen on the current budget iPhone myself, but in terms of saving money this is how HTC plan on pulling this one off.

Externally, there is only one decal to choose from, which has a silver lining with some pink around the head like shown in the images. Internally, you can expect a super bright pink wallpaper to greet you when it opens, also demonstrated in the images.

There is currently no talk on this device being made available to anybody else around the world. Enjoy people of Taiwan.