Evleaks has been doing a continuous amazing job when it comes to leaks, as I so often say. Even if it is their forte’ it still has me impressed with what they managed to come up with over the months. Today they have something a little more peculiar than usual.

If you’re keen on the Galaxy Note 3 which is going to be released on the 4th of September and you’re also keen on wallpaper you may be interested in checking out these leaked ones which have been specially made for the new tablet (I mean mobile).

The design itself might not be everyone’s cup of tea so to speak, so you might want to check it out here before you decide to download it. The download comes in at over 7MB which is really large, making is super high quality. For those of you who are into specs you might be interested to know that the resolution of the image is 1920×1920. That makes a strong case for the rumored Note 3 to posses a screen around the 1080×1920 mark which many had been hoping for.

Download the official Galaxy Note 3 wallpapers from here.

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