On the first of this month we brought you the first teaser trailer for the Oppo N1.

See it here.

It was a little unusual, however, because it never actually showed anything of the N1 itself. From experience I knew that it meant there might be a good chance that Oppo will release some more of these trailers in the coming days and it appears I was right.

Today Oppo have released the second installment in what looks to be a series of trailers coming out of their new mobile, the N1. There most likely will be more after this one also because from what I can tell everything is not quite yet revealed.

Still just as captivating as the first and stubbornly not revealing much at all in terms of the actual phone itself, this trailer shows more the innovation and engineering rooms in which it is made. Whether the Chinese based manufacturer is pulling this off or not is something you will have to decide for yourself.

Do you want more, or have you given up all hope?

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