David Koma is the magical man behind these extra special edition HTC One mini mobile phones. With only ten of them being made, they’re sure to quickly become a super hot commodity, and not a cheap one either.

You can check out exactly how they’re expected to look into the design to the left. Whether it’s your cup of tea or not, they appear to be black and white with a rather simple yet complex print on the skin. Even more intriguing is that the outside is still good quality aluminium. The design is said to showcase at the 2013 winter collection show.

So how much do you have to splurge out to own one since they are so rare? That would be an interesting question if it wasn’t flawed, at least for now. The only way to end up with one of these beauties is to win a competition. What you do with it from there, however, is purely up to you.

You can read up on what the creator has to say about his design below:

The designs I’ve created for this special edition of the HTC One mini mirror the transition in style from my previous season’s collection to my upcoming one which will be presented during London Fashion Week. Pushing boundaries and exploring new techniques plays a huge part in how I bring a collection together – taking part in this project has been a very exciting experience for me and an opportunity to find inspiration from working with new materials.”-David Koma

The dynamic and daring nature of David’s work is a perfect fit for HTC, where our goal is to enable and encourage young talent to drive change through creativity. These exclusive editions of the HTC One mini celebrate the simple beauty of the original handset, we created and turn it into a must-have collector’s item for anyone who is a fan of David’s unique style.”-Peter Frolund, General Manager, HTC U.K.