If you are the owner of the Asian based Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A there is good news if you are waiting on an update. You can expect the latest Android 4.2.2 jelly bean to be heading your way as of today.

As usual updates take their time to roll around to everybody, and due to circumstances not everybody can update over the air, especially if you are running any custom aftermarket pieces available. Instead, these folk will have to update it manually or via Samsung KEIS should they wish to do so. If you are one of the people looking to get this done manually, simply head to the bottom of the post where the direct download link has been made available for your convenience.

This upgrade has been given the product code of EVR, PDA: I9506XXUAMHD, CSC: I9506EVRAMHC, MODEM: I9506XXUAMHC. It has also been given the build number of XXUAMHD.


Backup the S4 LTE with internal memory storage space. If you have no space left either clear some or use an SD card instead. You can also back up by using applications such as Go Backup Pro, JS Backup, the Ultimate Backup Tool and My Backup. If that still doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can sync with Samsung Kies instead and do it like Apple users do with the iPhone and iTunes.

Download up to date USB Drivers for Samsung from Rapid share or another source of your choice.

Enable USB Debugging Mode by navigating to Settings > Applications > Development or Settings > Developer Options. If you do not want to use Developer Options you can also do it the old way.

This update is only for the LTE version of the S4 and no other. If you try and install it on another device it will not work. You can verify the model number by going to Settings > About Phone.

Install this on a Windows computer only. The ODIN software will not work on Mac or Linux without extra framework.

In addition to all of that, temporarily disable any security threats like antivirus or malware protectors because they can interfere with the app we are using here. The device will not be exposed to any virus during this guide. Always remember to turn it back on before using the internet afterwards to avoid viruses then.

How To Flash XXUAMHD Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean On The Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE

1. Download the Android 4.2.2 XXUAMHD update.

Note: Due to the website Hot File closing this firmware file is now unavailable. There is no way of getting the file manually anymore. If you are currently on a version you do not wish to be on, check Samsung KIES for updates and also navigate over to Settings > System Updates and check if anything is available for OTA downloading.

2. Extract the EVRAMHC_EVR.zip file and fetch the tar file inside.

3. The device must be in download mode to use ODIN properly. To get yours into Download Mode press and hold the Volume Down + Power + Home at the same time. Wait until the Android logo appears and lets go.

4. Download ODIN.

5. Upon the ODIN application ensuring you have administrator permissions by right-clicking on the icon and selecting run as admin.

6. take the USB cable out of your charger and use it to connect the Galaxy S5 to the Windows-based PC.

7. Look for a message saying “added” in ODIN.

8. Click on the PDA button in ODIN and upload the same tar file you extracted in step two.

9. Leave ODIN settings as default. The Auto reboot needs to be marked as “on’ and the re-partition not marked implying that it is off.

10. Double check that you are satisfied everything is the way I mentioned. Mistakes can be costly.

11. Click the start button.

It will now flash the file to your device. Do not touch any settings on the phone or the computer while it continues. When it is complete it will say “passed” on the screen.

12. Right-click the “safely remove hardware” icon in the task-bar of the Windows OS and stop the USB connection before pulling it out. This will stop any data corruption.

13. Close ODIN and it is finished.


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